Ethical Management

Code of Ethics

Basing on SKMS as a basis of corporate governance, SK creates values for customers, group members, shareholders, and society. Through these values, we will make an contribution to the economic and social development and the happiness of all human beings.

In order to achieve this, we define codes of ethics and act upon this criteria in decision making and judgment.


“We gain customers’ trust by providing satisfactory services and achieve development along with customers.”

  • We respect customers’ various opinion and apply their opinion to company management.
  • We protect customers’ information and property in accordance with the law and company regulation.

Group Members

“As a member and representative of SK Group, we take pride in ourselves and sincerely conduct our duty.”

  • By drawing a sharp line between private and public matters, we conduct our duty impartially and transparently.
  • We create corporate culture that intensifies mutual respect between members and encourages members to work with enthusiasm and initiative.


“In order to create shareholder value, we increase corporate value by reinforcing transparency and efficient management.”

  • Through efficient management basing on continuous innovation, we maximize corporate value and share the results with shareholders.
  • Board of directors ensure transparent management and we respect shareholders’ righteous demands and suggestions.
  • We draw up all the management documents according to the law and make an announcement on them to protect shareholders’ benefit in accordance with the law.


“We will do our best to grow together with society through the creation of social values, and to manage the company in accordance with social norms.”

  • We actively participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to make all the social members live in happiness.
  • We provide fair trade opportunities to our partners and don’t abuse our superior position to force our partners to do improper business. We also pursue mutual benefits and development.
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