Informant Protection

We have a program to protect informants so that you can report without any disadvantages.
  • 1

    You are not disadvantaged or discriminated by the reason that you made a justifiable report.

  • 2

    If you get a unfavority disposition due to report, you can request protection from the ethical management department, and the ethical management department will take all measures to prevent any disadvantages.

  • 3

    The informer's identity and the content of the report will be kept strictly confidential so that it will not be revealed to the public.

  • 4

    In the process of confirming the facts, the person who cooperated with the investigation by means of statements, materials, etc. is equally protected.

  • 5

    Even if you participated in an unethical or illegal act, you may deduct the penalty for the act if you report the fact yourself.

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